What is PretzCon?

PretzCon is a Game Convention

What is a Game Convention?

A game convention is an event where people gather to play games. At a game convention you can play some of your favorite games and you also get the chance to play new games you have never played before.
Games of all types are played at game conventions: board games like Monopoly and Risk; card games like Spades and Uno; dice games like Yahtzee and Farkle; European games like Settlers of Catan and Dominion; role-playing games like Heroes and Dungeons & Dragons; collectible games like Warcraft and Magic; and everything in between!
At gaming conventions several tables are set up, with all sorts of different games available to play throughout the convention. Games with as little as 2 or as great as 20 players. Games where there can only be one winner or games where players have to work together toward a common goal. The games available to play are brought by each event’s organizer, most of whom will also teach you the rules in case you have never played before.
Game conventions are a great way to just come and hang out and have fun playing games with your family, friends, and lots of other people who love to play games.
In fact, PretzCon is not the only game convention in the area, check out the Friends Page to take a look at some of the other game conventions around.

When is PretzCon?

PretzCon is the first full non-holiday weekend in April.
PretzCon 2014 is Friday April 4th, Saturday April 5th, and Sunday April 6th, 2013.

Where is PretzCon?

PretzCon 2014 is at the Cherry Hills Event Center at 7050 N 102nd Ave in Omaha, NE

What games are played at a PretzCon?

All sorts of games are played, from Spades to Settlers of Catan, from Apples & Apples to Dungeons & Dragons, from Heroes to Heroscape. Our first convention already had several different events, and next year we plan to expand that list ever further.
Plus there will always be area dedicated to open-gaming where everyone can gather and play whatever they want, whenever they want. Bring you own games, or check out something new from the Game Library.

What’s the Game Library?

At the convention is a library of games that gamers can peruse and check-out a game to play free of charge. If the convention is open, the game library is open.

What else is there going be besides games?

What could you want besides games!? Okay, there are game vendors and other exhibotors, a prize raffle, tournaments and a few non-game events.

What are the convention rules?

Failure to comply with the policies of the convention can result in expulsion from the convention without refund.

Where can I get more information / ask questions / get help / offer ideas?

Head on over to our Facebook Page. See what’s being discussed, or what fun promotions and activites are taking place, PretzCon organizers and other gamers are sure to answer and help you out. You can also send an email to the PretzCon staff on the Contact Page or by picking one of the green shirts below and emailing them.

Who are the people behind PretzCon?

PretzCon is a project of several Omaha-area people known as the "Pretz’s" that share a passion for gaming. Here are just some of the Pretz’s putting this thing together

Pretz Stats Special Equipment Contact
Andy Game enthusiast and investigative journalist Microfilm of Unknown Origin rel="nofollow"
onclick="this.href='mai' +'lto:' + 'andy' + '@' + 'pretzcon.org'">andy@pretzcon.org
Brandon Game enthusiast and creator of the Pretzel Logo Pencil of Charisma rel="nofollow"
onclick="this.href='mai' +'lto:' + 'brandon' + '@' + 'pretzcon.org'">brandon@pretzcon.org
Floyd Game enthusiast and web master Keyboard of Pressing rel="nofollow"
onclick="this.href='mai' +'lto:' + 'floyd' + '@' + 'pretzcon.org'">floyd@pretzcon.org
Geoff Game enthusiast and public relations Phone of Dialing rel="nofollow"
onclick="this.href='mai' +'lto:' + 'geoff' + '@' + 'pretzcon.org'">geoff@pretzcon.org
Jessy Game enthusiast and uber-game specialist Army of Minions rel="nofollow"
onclick="this.href='mai' +'lto:' + 'jessy' + '@' + 'pretzcon.org'">jessy@pretzcon.org
Jordan Game enthusiast and evil genius Doominator of Doom rel="nofollow"
onclick="this.href='mai' +'lto:' + 'jordan' + '@' + 'pretzcon.org'">jordan@pretzcon.org
Kelly Game enthusiast and social butterfly Book of Faces rel="nofollow"
onclick="this.href='mai' +'lto:' + 'kelly' + '@' + 'pretzcon.org'">kelly@pretzcon.org
Liz Game enthusiast and gaurdian guide Scrolls of Legend rel="nofollow"
onclick="this.href='mai' +'lto:' + 'floyd' + '@' + 'pretzcon.org'">liz@pretzcon.org
"Pretz Mom" Game enthusiast and matriarch Diplomatic Immunity rel="nofollow"
onclick="this.href='mai' +'lto:' + 'rhonda' + '@' + 'pretzcon.org'">rhonda@pretzcon.org
Richelle Game enthusiast and amateur model Medallion of Charming rel="nofollow"
onclick="this.href='mai' +'lto:' + 'richelle' + '@' + 'pretzcon.org'">richelle@pretzcon.org
Ryan Game enthusiast and extras organizer Tongue of Silver rel="nofollow"
onclick="this.href='mai' +'lto:' + 'ryan' + '@' + 'pretzcon.org'">ryan@pretzcon.org
Sarah Game enthusiast and dancer of catan Shoes of Speed rel="nofollow"
onclick="this.href='mai' +'lto:' + 'sarah' + '@' + 'pretzcon.org'">sarah@pretzcon.org
Steph Game enthusiast and rogue agent Wings of Change rel="nofollow"
onclick="this.href='mai' +'lto:' + 'steph' + '@' + 'pretzcon.org'">steph@pretzcon.org